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No Heating or Hot Water Due to Electrical Fault

All the residents of the estate are currently experiencing loss of hot water and central heating.


19:00 Mr John Stow informed us that: “Following various issues with the power supply and main fuses to the boiler room at Curnock street, UKPN have now complete their works and have been able to return the power supply to the boiler room.

The boilers have now been restored at around 7pm, therefore the heating services are now back on although there may take 1to 2 hours to fully return the heating and hot water demands from the estate.”

17:09 The residents of Goldthorpe received this letter: No Heating or Hot Water

16:55 We have just been informed that a letter from Camden has just been put in the doors in Trimdon advising that there is no hot water or heating to that block and that work is currently being carried out to restore the service ASAP.   It is also offering temporary heaters to those in need.  This doesn’t look as though they anticipate that the heating will come back on any time soon.

15:50 A resident has spoken to Camden Emergency Repairs, 8 hours since the issue was first reported and have been advised that UK Power Networks have been on site for about half an hour and are currently working to repair the phase, so that the electricity can be connected and the boiler re-set. This is exactly what they did on Thursday, so it would be interested to know why this went wrong again so quickly.

11:55am: An electrician is on site.

11:09am: Residents phoned Emergency and the Apollo people have found there is an electrical fault that is causing the loss of heating and hot water. An electrician is on his way to Curnock estate to fix it so all should be ok shortly.

11.04 am: Cllr Robinson emailed Stuart Dilley informed his that “…Goldthorpe has no heating or hot water either.  I am told Apollo are going to Curnock today…..”

07:55am: Cllr Robinson emailed Stuart Dilley stating: “Once again – no heating or hot water on Curnock estate!!  This has to be urgently rectified as Autumn & winter are here……please can this be rectified now…….please advise”

07:31am: A resident has reported to the emergency repairs that there is no heating or hot water again!  The repairs team promised to pass the message on to Apollo. So much for the assurances that there will be no further disruptions to the service.


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