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Concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour

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April 2016

Enquiries to: Michelle Buckberry
Telephone: 02079745196

Dear Resident,

Over the last year the Council and Police have been working together with your community to address concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour. Action taken includes:

• Reviewed CCTV and security measures
• Installed additional CCTV at Billingley and proactively monitored the area
• Installed additional CCTV at the rear of Warmsworth
• Reviewed CCTV and identified people involved in crime and anti-social behaviour
• Improved fencing at the rear of Warmsworth
• Worked with the Repairs Service to modify ramps around Goldthorpe
• Formed a Focus Group with residents and given advice and information to participants including about forming a TRA.
• Arrested a known drug dealer in Plender Street
• Tasked Community Wardens, Housing Patrol, the Safer
Neighbourhood Team and School Police Constables with proactive patrolling of the estate at times residents have reported anti-social and criminal behaviour is most persistent
• Used dispersal powers
• Given verbal and written warnings from the Council and the Police to households and individuals identified as involved in anti-social behaviour on the estate
• Referred those who continue to come to attention to multi-agency panels
• Engaged with young people who are involved in anti-social behaviour on the estate.
• Visited local businesses affected by and attracting anti-social behaviour
• Visited witnesses of crime and anti-social behaviour and made referrals to the ASB Support Team
• Delivered crime prevention advice and information on reporting crime and anti-social behaviour
• Reviewed Quick Comm messaging.

Residents who we have been in touch with us report that there has been an improvement in levels of crime and anti-social behaviour on your estate. The Police and the Council rely on your reports to respond to crime and anti-social behaviour, but we understand that if is often confusing to know who to report to. Attached to this letter is further information that we hope will help you understand what services are able to assist you.
Confidential Waste

The Council have recently received reports that people have been witnessed going through communal bins on the estate. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to make sure that you dispose of any confidential waste that could be used by criminals safely, by shredding or cutting up letters and other documents that contain personal information.

Yours Sincerely,

Michelle Buckberry
Community Intervention Officer
Community Safety Culture and Environment
London Borough of Camden

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