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Replacement of Flats Entrance Doors and Frames

London Borough of Camden
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33-35 Jamestown road

Tel: 020 7974 3349

22na July 2016

Enquiries to: Shamsul Alam

Dear Leaseholder,


We are writing to inform you that we are submitting a Planning Application in respect of the building in which your Leasehold property is situated. The Planning -Application is for the replacement of flat entrance doors and frames on the upper floor access balconies.

The enclosed notice provides more details of the scheme and once the Planning Application is lodged you will be able to view the application and its supporting documents online at .aspx

If you have any queries regarding the submissions please contact Shamsul Alam, Contracts Manager on (020) 7974 3349.

Yours sincerely,

Contracts Manager Planned Works Team

Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010
(Notice 1: This notice is to be printed and served on individuals if Certificate B or C is completed)

Proposed development at: Curnock Street Estate, London NW1

Organisation name: London Borough of Camden

Take notice that application is being made by:

Applicant name
Forename: Shamsul
Surname: Alam

For planning permission to:

Description of proposed development:
Replacement of flat entrance doors and frames on upper floor access balconies.

Local Planning Authority to whom the application is being submitted:
London Borough of Camden

Local Planning Authority address:
Contact Camden Reception
5 Pancras Square
London N1C 4AG

Any owner of the land or tenant who wishes to make representations about this application, should write to the council within 21 days of the date of this notice.

Title Mr
Forename Barry
Surname Shaw

Date (dd-mm-yyyy) 21-07-2016

Statement of owners’ rights: The grant of planning permission does not affect owners’ rights to retain or dispose of their property, unless there is some provision to the contrary in an agreement or lease.

Statement of agricultural tenants’ rights: The grant of planning permission for nonagricultural .development may affect agricultural tenants’ security of tenure.

‘Owner’ means a person having a freehold interest or a leasehold interest the unexpired term of which is not less than seven years.
Tenant’ means a tenant of an agricultural holding any part of which is comprised in the land.

The original Documents can be found below:

Planning Application letter 22-07-2016Planning Application 22-07-2016

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