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Major Works on The Marr

20160810_071006We have noticed that the council is doing major works on The Marr building. We have heard a lot of rumors that the offices have been permanently removed and that the space will be converted to flats.

However we have not heard anything official from the council about those works and how those alterations will affect the rest of the residents.

For that reasons we have requested further information from the council. Specifically we asked:

  1. Will the council convert the ground floor of The Marr to flats?
  2. How many flats will be there?
  3. Will those properties be private?
  4. Will those flats be connected to the communal heating system?
  5. If they will connect to the communal heating system, does the council have enough evidence that the current heating system is adequate? I have personally received email that the system cannot cope with more demand.
  6. The communal cold water pressure at the moment is extremely low and more flats will make the situation worse. Are there plans to increase the capacity/pressure for communal cold water and provide more bins for the proper rubbish disposal?
  7. Why the residents have not been informed or consulted about those changes?
  8. How long will the works last?
  9. When will the new tenants move in?
  10. Is there a planning application and can we have a copy of that application?



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