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Council Tenants Do Not Need to Know!

FAILED rubber stamp. Part of a rubber stamp series.
FAILED rubber stamp. Part of a rubber stamp series.

12:39 We just found out from Mr Alam that council tenants are not informed about the planning application for the fire-resisting new doors because the council does not have any legal responsibilities to do so.

12:55 We also found out that the LFB recommendations are based on the current fire regulations and they have to be implemented. The burning question is why the council’s insurance has not installed those doors to flats that had made a claim after their flats were burnt? Why did Zurich had broken the law?

13:05 Mr Alam also informed us that those recommendations are ONLY for our estate. But surely if the regulations state that the front doors have to be fire-resisting then all the flats on the borough and in the country have to comply with the law.


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