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The Marr Project


We have asked Camden Council the following questions regarding the works at The Marr.

Will the council convert the ground floor of The Marr to flats?

The application proposes the change of use of ground floor level from office (B1a) measuring 332sqm to provide 1 x 2 bedroom (96sqm) and 2 x 3 bedroom (119sqm & 117sqm) flats.

How many flats will be there?

A total of 3 flats will be provided.

Will those properties be private?

All 3 are specialist affordable housing units for families with disabilities

Will those flats be connected to the communal heating system?

The flats all have individual boilers

If they will connect to the communal heating system, does the council have enough evidence that the current heating system is adequate? I have personally received email that the system cannot cope with more demand.

N/A in light of above

The communal cold water pressure at the moment is extremely low and more flats will make the situation worse. Are there plans to increase the capacity/pressure for communal cold water and provide more bins for the proper rubbish disposal?

There is provision for new cold water feeds to the new flats

Why the residents have not been informed or consulted about those changes?

In terms of neighbour consultation of the planning application, a site notice was displayed outside the site from 17/01/2014 to notify surrounding residents.

In addition, 16 letters were sent to the following addresses:

55A Camden Street, London, NW1 0HG
55B Camden Street, London, NW1 0HG
55C Camden Street, London, NW1 0HG
55D Camden Street, London, NW1 0HG
55E Camden Street, London, NW1 0HG
55F Camden Street, London, NW1 0HG
Flat 1 -9, The Marr Camden Street, London, NW1 0HE

How long will the works last?

The works have begun and are due to be complete in January 2017

When will the new tenants move in?

Once the works are complete and the properties are habitable

Is there a planning application and can we have a copy of that application?

Full details of the application can be found at the Camden Council website  using the application reference 2013/8036/P.

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