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Disposal Of Refuse Bags

London Borough of Camden
Housing and Adult Social Care
Kentish Town
Estate Services
Camden Town Hall
Judd Street

Date: 22 August 2016
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Enquiries to: Gary Nicholls
All Residents


Curnock Estate NW1
Dear Residents


Some residents living in the block are not disposing of their household waste in the correct manner. On almost a daily basis small and large rubbish bags have been found on the floor inside and outside the bin room. See photo below

rubbish_22082016Disposing of your rubbish bags in this manner is considered anti-social behaviour and a breach of your tenancy conditions. By leaving your rubbish bags on the floor as pictured above you are feeding and encouraging Rats into the block.

Please ensure all small bags are tired securely and placed in the large black bags hanging on the bin room wall. Larger bags can to taken to the large green bins around the estate if possible. Your nearest green bins are located at the front and rear of the block

Please refrain from dumping bags on the floors and help keep the environment around you tidy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Gary Nicholls
Estate Services Supervisor

Read the original Letter on this link: Rubbish_22082016

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