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Date: 25 August 2016

Dear Resident,

Re: Fire Prevention Works to Curnock Street Estate.

I am writing to inform you that a Deficiency Notice has been served by London Fire Brigade on the London Borough of Camden in regards to this block. Therefore, we will be undertaking urgent works to replace a number of flat entrance doors which are located on the escape route leading to the communal staircase on each of the blocks. With that this means that the majority of flat doors on the estate do not need replacing so you may notice neighbours flat doors being replaced.

The replacement doors will be fire rated doors which will provide 30 minutes protection in in the event of fire. The new fire rated doors and any side panels will match in appearance to the existing doors within the blocks at Curnock Street Estate.

Whilst on site we will also be undertaking other fire prevention work such as upgrading and/or repairing fire doors on refuse rooms, installing Photo-luminescent way guidance (markings & signage) to illuminate the escape route out of the block in the event of a fire or power outage to all of the blocks on the estate. The communal lobby doors also require minor works to improve their resistance to fire spread. The works to the communal doors will involve:
• Intumescent Strips/Smoke Seals
These will be fitted to ensure an adequate seal around the frame of the door to delay heat and smoke.
• Fire Rated Hinges
The existing door hinges will be removed and fire rated hinges will be fitted.
• All doors will be eased and adjusted to enable them to close properly

Wates are the contractor appointed by Camden to complete the fire prevention works to your
All Wates staff will carry full identification with them at all times, and work will be carried out
during normal working hours. We will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum.

If you have any queries, comments or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact me on 0207 974 5398, or email:
Thank you in advance for your co operation
Yours Faithfully

Justine Donnelly
Fire Safety Contract Manager

Read the original letter on this link: Deficiency Note Letter 2016

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