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FOI Request (Ref: 20784424)

A few weeks ago we requested under the FOI Act 2000 the following information:

1) How many flats in the Curnock Estate are leasehold properties?

One Hundred and Two (102 properties)

2) How many of those properties are sublet?

Eleven (11 properties)

3) How many of those sublets have more than two people living in the flat (based on the subletting form)? Please specify the number of rooms in the flat.

We can specify the number of bedrooms, but not the number of rooms in the flats.


4) How many of those subletting properties have applied or have been granted HMO license?

Seven (7 properties)

5) How many of the above sublet properties have applied and they been refused an HMO?


6) How many of them have a small room which is less than 7.1sqm (the min requirement for bedroom under HMO)?

Two confirmed. Others not known at this stage.

7) How many of them have applied for planning permission to alter their properties in order to comply with the regulations of the HMO?

None, there is no need to apply for Planning Permission.

8) How many of the properties on the Curnock Estate who have an HMO, have installed electrical heaters in the bathrooms? If some of them have not installed electrical heater please specify the reasons for not installing one (HMO rules).

We do not know if such heaters have been installed.

9) How many of them have changed their main door in order to comply with the HMO rule that someone has to be able to open the door from inside without a key?


10) How many flats have changed the number of rooms inside their property by changing the living room on the ground floor to two areas (bedroom + living room)?
We do not know if such alterations have been made.


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