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Update regarding Communal Doors (Goldthorpe)

The M&E team have been instructed to get the system repaired as a matter of priority.

The pest control team have visited and the problem with rats is ostensibly under control. Rats were gaining entry to the intake cupboards and as well as chewing through the cabling they had also made a considerable mess which made it an unhealthy environment to work in. The intakes have been thoroughly cleaned and baited and we have sealed the gaps / holes that were identified as potential entry points.

Activity was still evident on Friday 27th January 2017 and further proofing work was carried out on Saturday 28th January 2017. Inspections have been carried out this week (most recent was 02nd February 2017) and no further activity has been seen. The door entry contractor can now return to trace the faults and carry out repairs as Patrick O’Neil has indicated.

Kim Wells and his team will continue to monitor for any further evidence of rats as a precaution.


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