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What do you think about the heating system?

The following letter was delivered to the residents of the Curnock Estate.

It is a survey about the heating and hot water service.

The original document can be read here: Survey for Heating 2017

Supporting Communities
33-35 Jamestown Road
London NW1 7DB
Tel: 020 7974 2530

Date: 09 February 2017
Enquiries to: David Barns



Dear Resident,

Re: Improving your heating system

We are looking at new ways to reduce energy costs and increase comfort levels for our residents who are supplied with heat from communal heating systems.

Your estate is one of the ones selected for a pilot project.

We would really like to hear what you think about your heating system and have enclosed a survey for you to complete. You can return this in the pre-paid envelope enclosed or bring it along to a consultation meeting, or contact us and we can help you complete it. Your opinion is important to us and will help us improve the heating performance to your home, so please complete the survey.

We will install heat monitors in some homes and around the pipe network to get more information for our research, and will contact you again if this work affects you in any way.

We will also be arranging a consultation event so you can come along to find out more about the project. We will notify you with the details once this is arranged.

After we have assessed the results of the survey and the heat monitoring data, we will contact you again to let you know the results. At this point, we are not proposing any major changes to your heating, but will feedback to you on how best to improve it once the research is completed.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on: 0207 974 2530, or via the email address above.

Yours sincerely

David Barns
Senior Energy Performance Officer

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