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UN-Responsive Security Patrol

According to our information the Curnock Street TRA and residents have complained about the poor service that the residents receive from the Responsive Security Patrol. Many residents have called the patrol only to find out that they must have evidence before the patrol can be sent on the estate!

Having experienced many ASB activities around the estate, the residents are fully aware of the non residents who are regularly visiting the estate for either sell or use drugs. The police and the patrol have been called many times but certain attitudes from the council employees never change.

For example, Mr Dyson, manager of the RSP, still insists that the residents must have some “evidence” before the RSP can be dispatched. When someone who is not living on the estate is loitering inside the estate or in front of someone’s front door at 22:30 then this is not a crime.

Maybe intimidation? Would the RSP would like those people in front of their flats door?

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