HMO licensing review

Camden Council has now closed the survey for landlords and tenants, and has inspected many of the properties licensed in the early days of the scheme to look at compliance with the works required.

The results of the review will be published in the coming months. However, in advance of this, Camden council just wants to remind landlords and agents of a couple of important points:

  • Read the HMO licence in detail, including the licence conditions, the schedule of work and the room tables showing the permitted number of occupants for each room
  • The licence holder must let the Council know as soon as possible if the property is sold or if there is a change of manager.

Licence holders and managing agents are reminded that if future compliance inspection are carried out where works have not been carried out within the time periods specified, or undersized rooms are being occupied by new tenants (those who were not in occupation when the final licence was issued) then it is likely that enforcement action will be taken.

HMO licence fee increase

As part of the Council’s financial planning it is necessary to review the HMO licensing fees from time to time. This exercise was carried out recently and a fee increase is necessary to cover the costs of the scheme.

The HMO licensing fees are due to increase on 1 April, to £750 for a flat or house plus £60 for each bedroom or unit let within the property.

This means a four bedroom flat in multiple occupation would cost £990 to licence (as opposed to £763 currently). A discount of £95 will still be applied for accredited private landlords.

Even with this increase the cost of an HMO licence in Camden remains cheaper than most other local authorities in London.

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