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We received the following information regarding the Responsive Security Patrol. Read the response here: FOI Response FOI12350

On the 18th February 2019, Philip Lewis, Information and Records Management Officer, informed us that: “You asked how many calls the Responsive Security Patrol have received since they moved to the Property Management department 12 months ago. I requested the information from the Security Consultant in this department and his response was approved by the Head of Facilities Management (Property Management). As the response is checked within the team it is not the responsibility of the FOI Team to check the data.”

It seems that the Head of Facilities Management (Property Management) has approved something which might be illegal. The Information Commissioner’s Office state on their website:

“We also have powers to enforce compliance if you have failed to adopt the publication scheme or have not published information as you should (see What information do we need to publish?), whether or not we have received a complaint about this.

You may be breaching the Freedom of Information Act if you do any of the following:

  • fail to respond adequately to a request for information;
  • fail to adopt the model publication scheme, or do not publish the correct information; or
  • deliberately destroy, hide or alter requested information to prevent it being released.

This last point is the only criminal offence in the Act that individuals and public authorities can be charged with.

Other breaches of the Act are unlawful but not criminal. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) cannot fine you if you fail to comply with the Act, nor can we require you to pay compensation to anyone for breaches of the Act. However, you should correct any mistakes as soon as you are aware of them.”

Look at the first table below showing the response from the Camden Council and the second table showing the actual calls from ONE resident’s records! It is obvious that the information provided is incorrect and has been provided after a resident’s complaint about the Responsive Security Patrol.

Information provided under the Freedom of Information Act (REF: FOI12350)
Calls to RSP from ONE resident only

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