All Residents, Caretaking, Refuse

Chaos Everywhere

The current appealing situation on the estate regarding rubbish is continuing without any meaningful action from the council.

  • Mr Dyson (Responsive Security Patrol) found packaging from needles all around the estate during our meeting,
  • mattresses are everywhere (Thurnscoe’s ramp, behind Warmsworth, etc),
  • sofas are abandon behind The Marr
  • gates are broken
  • graffiti on walls and the new bins housing
  • many gates left unlocked
  • dead rats on many locations
  • doors in front of the Rubbish bins in Mexborough are left unlocked
  • NO UPDATES about the gates to block the alleyway between Goldthorpe and Barnborough
Graffiti in Trimdon
Located in Trimdon
Located under the ramp leading to Thurnscoe
Dead Rat
Located outside the container


Syringes Packaging
Located behind Hickleton and other areas











Sofa and needles
Located behind Hickleton
Located behind Hickleton
Food left from the drug dealers
Ramp leading to Goldthorpe
Drug users
Used as toilet Behind Warmsworth
Drug Users
Behind Warmsworth
Open gates
Behind Warmsworth
Located in Trimdon
Located in Trimdon
Located in Trimdon
Located in Thurnscoe, Bayham Street side

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