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Unlocked Gates

Recently the residents have experienced rise in ASB because Veolia (Camden Council’s contractors for refuse) leave all the gates unlocked and open for dates. First time was on Friday 23rd October 2020. Gates were open for the whole weekend and non residents used the areas for drugs. Caretaker locked the gates and Veolia left them open again a couple of days later.

This gives the opportunity to drug uses and dealers to misuse the areas and at the same time make residents’ lives a misery. There were already cases where non residents tried to damaged or break in and instead of the council trying to make the estate more secure they are taking no action against Veolia.

We managed to speak with the Caretakers Manager and the person who is dealing with Veolia. Apparently there are many troubles with Veolia and the council is aware of that.

One important thing is that there is an out of hours caretaker’s service. If the doors are left open then we can call the council on 020 7974 4444 and ask for a caretaker to come and lock the gates.


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