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Camden’s Fake Housing News

On the latest Camden Housing News (Summer 2021) the council advertise/encourage residents to report repairs online via their Camden Account.

The only trouble is that none of those buttons works. At least they do not work for the leaseholders or any communal repairs such as heating and hot water, lights, communal doors, etc

Why does Camden Council advertise this service when they clearly know that it does not work? Are they trying to portrait a situation that does not exist?

It is also worrying the fact that Mr Reid in his last email to us he state: “In the past two months, we have introduced the Camden account repairs reporting option and webchat. We continue to find ways to offer new ways for our customers to contact us and improve what we have got.

This is false and deliberately misleading. This functionality was there before for leaseholders and council has now REMOVED IT. It is not a new way and it is not an improvement for leaseholders!!!

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