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The return of the caretaker

On 16th April 2021 we learned from our caretaker, Lloyd, that Sharon Calvey (Head of Estates Management) decided to move him to another estate.

Ms Calvey wanted to replace our caretaker with another even if that was against his wishes and the residents’ wishes. Because of that, residents in conjunction with Bronagh Todd (Neighbourhood Housing Officer) and the TRA wrote letters of support requesting from Ms Calvey to change her decision.

This did not happen and the new caretaker replaced Lloyd. He stayed with us for a short period of time and then he left!

Since then the estate was “cleaned/managed” by different caretakers as well as the caretakers’ supervisor, Marcio, for approximately 7 weeks. Unfortunately, while the supervisor was working hard to keep the estate in good condition, the situation was not satisfactory for all the residents.

Fortunately, the decision for the removal of our caretaker was reversed and we are happy to announce that Lloyd will return to work on Monday 28th June 2021.

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