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Veolia missed Thurnscoe bins three times

08-02-2022 @ 07:49am

Veolia did not collect the rubbish from the Curnock Street Estate last Friday due a fault with the truck.

On Saturday 05th February 2022 they collected only the bins near the entrances and they forgot the bins in front of Goldthotpe and Thurnscoe.

On Monday 07th February 2022, Veolia came and emptied the bins but they forgot the Thurnscoe bins AGAIN.


We have reported that as seen below and the reference number for this report is 11216107




Curnock Street TRA has received the following email:

From: “Liuzzi, Vincent”
Date: 07/02/2022 17:39
Subject: Re: Bins are full and bags are on the pavement

Hi Dimitrios

The estate is due a collection tomorrow

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