All Residents, Refuse

Veolia Was Disrespectful Again

Today Veolia emptied the recycling bins from Goldthorpe and never returned the bins to their original position. This means that are caretakers have to push them back to their place. Since this task is not part of their job, any accident will not be covered by the council or their health insurance.

Why Veolia’s employees allowed to leave the bins wherever they want?

We have reported that incident to Camden Council:

Thanks for your Bin Not Returned Correctly feedback. If you need to follow up, please use the reference number 11741588.

Also the recycling bins have been emptied via the Pratt Street entrance and not via the Camden Street as Veolia claims that it is the right route. So recycling crew is putting themselves in danger of an injury while the waste collection crew is using the other route. Double standards?

Follow the link below to see the recycling bin collection this morning.

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