All Residents, Refuse

Veolia’s Aerobics…

Today Veolia came on the estate to empty the rubbish bins in front of Goldthorpe using the security gates in order to reduce the possibilities of any injuries. This has not stopped the crew to do some “stretching” and other activities that might lead to injuries. The male member of the Veolia’s crew, pulled the green bin towards him, entered all his upper body inside the bin, and pulled all the rubbish out of the half empty bins to the ground. Then he put all rubbish from the ground back to one bin so he does only one trip to the lorry.

However, even after so much stretching the Veolia’s male employee could not managed to reach all bin bags on the green bins. So he left some behind.

See photos below:

According to Veolia, injuries will only occur if they pull the overweight bins via the old route that was agreed with residents and the council. If they do exercises like the above, then injuries will never happen.

See below the male employee from Veolia pulling the overweight bin (which he made it heavier) via the new route.

Noticed the bin close to the fence. There are still bin bags inside that bin.

Veolia cannot be trusted since they always do whatever they want and they never adhere to their agreements with the council and the residents.

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