Have You Witnessed Fly Tipping?

Dear Residents,

Our estate has been used for many years from the street properties and businesses as a dump yard for their rubbish. They have consistently and repeatedly used our bins instead of disposing their rubbish properly in front of their property at specific times and dates.

As per our previous article (see list of them on the right), the situation is now intolerable since some of the fly tippers have started to be abusive to our residents inside our estate. Residents have come forward to us reporting verbal abuse and intimidation from certain addresses.

Council has received many emails and many evidence in the last years but very little or ineffective actions have been taken.

We have escalated this matter now and we need your help.

“Curnock Estate Residents ONLY” stickers on all our bins. Installed on 06/07/2022

Have you witnessed any activities like that?

If you have witnessed activities like the above on our estate please contact us or complete our form below:

Your report will be sent to the Camden Council as part of our campaign to prevent the non residents to use us as a dump yard.
Please provide a description of what happened and any evidence that we can use for taking further action. PLEASE send any photo or video evidence to info@curnockestate.com

Originally published on 13th July 2022


  1. I have witnessed many businesses as well as street properties dumping rubbish inside our estate. I have also requested for the council to take action and I will send you more evidence.

  2. Yesterday the residents of 43A Pratt Street, London NW1 dumped lots of rubbish in the bins located in front of Billingley.