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Fire Safety Information

London Borough Of Camden
Town Haw
Judd Street

Dear resident,

Fire safety information: Electric bikes, scooters and wheelchairs can be dangerous – please store and charge them safely

Last week, a resident living in a Camden council home tragically lost their life in a fire which may have caused try aTTe-bike or scooter lithium battery. Fires caused by lithium batteries are increasing. So we want to make sure that you, and everyone living in your building, know how to store and charge electric bikes, scooters and wheelchairs safely.

Keep exits clear at all times

At home: Never block doorways with your e-bike, scooter or wheelchair -this could prevent you from leaving your home quickly in an emergency. It is vital that you keep your vehicle near an existing smoke alarm or fit a new one in the area where you keep it. You can get a free alarm at

Communal areas: You are not allowed to store or charge e-bikes, scooters or wheelchairs in the communal areas of your building. Our team will ask you to remove them or take them away if we’re not able to speak to you.

How to use lithium batteries safely

• Only buy batteries from a trusted seller to make sure they meet safety standards. Faulty or poor-quality batteries can cause fast-spreading fires if they catch alight.
• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to charge the battery and unplug the charger when you’ve finished using it.
• Charge batteries on hard flat surfaces so that they don’t overheat and never leave a battery charging when you are asleep or away from home.
• Check batteries regularly to make sure they are in good condition -they can be dangerous if they have been damaged

• Keep batteries out of sunlight and put them somewhere cool, especially on hot days.
• Leave the battery to cool down after you have used your vehicle before charging again.

You can find more information about lithium batteries and how to keep yourself safe at

Storing and charging electric bikes, scooters and wheelchairs safely can mean the difference between life and death.

Please play your part in keeping everyone safe.

Yours sincerely,

Glendine Shepherd
Director of Housing

Read the original document here: 2023-07-10 Safety Information

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