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Fire in Goldthorpe – 2023

Many years ago, the council built the wall below the communal stairs in Goldthorpe as well as all other buildings, which was a good thing in order to reduce the area from ASB misuse. However, the council did not do a good job, and hence, residents complained at the time because there was and still is a gap between the wall and the stairs, which allows drug users, visitors, dealers and some residents to dump their rubbish there.

Of course, the council did not uphold residents’ complaints at the time.

Then in 2007, there were problems with the rubbish and the council had to open a hole in that wall to clean up the mess. Read more:

Do you know what they found inside? All the rubbish which the contractors left behind plus more rubbish that other people threw.






Someone would think the council would learn from their mistakes and do it right the second time. Unfortunately for the residents, the Camden Council NEVER learns because the council and those who run it do not spend their own money but the taxpayers’ money.

Today, the flats above the stairs are full of smoke, and everything is smoked, damaged/smelly.


There was another fire on the rubbish under the stairs, which the council REFUSED to repair correctly (the second time) by filling the gap between the stairs and the wall. The result? See the pile of newspapers under the stairs!!! Some of them are from 2012 or 2008!!!

  • Has the council filled the gap? NO
  • Has the council done anything for all those people smoking in communal areas and the cigarette butts? We are referring to my complaints, the ones from Thurnscoe, etc. NO 
  • Has the council upheld the complaint at the time about the gap and the dangers? NO
Does the council care? The answer is simply NO
The Council has to start to show a duty of care and do things properly. We are not a second-class citizens.
More photos below:

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