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Lighting in shared areas of Goldthorpe

Date: 24 April 2024

Property Management
London Borough of Camden
Town Hall
Judd Street
Phone: 020 7974 4444

Dear resident,

Lighting in shared areas of Goldthorpe

l’m Sorry that the lights in the shared areas of your building haven’t been working.

Our contractor, Openview, have done a thorough investigation to find out what was causing the issue. It looks like there was a problem with one of the light fittings which was causing all the lights on the circuit to go out.

Openview replaced the part which was causing the problem, and they checked that everything was fixed and working again by testing the lights for 4 hours.

The lights are back to normal now, but l’ve asked my team to carry out some more checks on the communal lighting circuits at your building, just in case. They’re going to make sure that Openview have fixed the problem permanently, and that no other issues crop up.

Thank you for your patience while we got this problem fixed.

Yours faithfully

John Stow
M&E Operations Manager

Original Document: 2024-04-24 Lights in Goldthorpe

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