This page will have a list of all the improvements that has been done on the estate.

This wall was damaged for more than a year. This website sent many e-mails for over a year in order to persuade the Camden Council to repair the wall. The only drawback was that the Camden Council removed all the trees without consulting any of the residents or without inform them in advance.
Rebuilded wall

The new fences near the ramps in Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe buildings has been installed in order to prevent people for sleeping or doing drugs under the ramps.
New fences near the ramps

This is the new gate on Pratt Street. The previous gate was destroyed by a van.

The lights around Goldthorpe building were out of order for more than 7 years because the Camden Council could not find the electricity cables. After a big campaign from this website and after we sent a clear picture of the electricity cables location, the Camden Council repaired the lights.
Lights in Goldthorpe House

Children’s Playground.
Curnock Estate's Hot Spots