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No Hot Water (2 Days)

No Hot Water (2 Days) 18-08-2013 On 18th August 2013 there was a power cut that might has affected the boilers. A few hours later there was no hot water on the whole estate.

The repairs team was informed on the same day. Unfortunately “the number of contractors present on that day were not enough to fix the major failure” according to the repairs team.

The hot water was fixed on Monday 19th August 2013 and it was available during the evening time.


  1. It is very frustrated to have those problems with the new boilers especially after Camden Council has spent £500,000 on our behalf. What was the cause of the problem and what has been done in order to prevent any future problems like that?

  2. I would not call the water temperature of 30 degrees – as it is was last night and again this morning -“Hot” or “Warm” or “Tepid” or even “Body temperature” – it is COLD! My 94 year old father is NOT impressed and try convincing an 8 year old that it is “Hot”