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Reasons For The Hot Water Failure

Reasons For The Hot Water Failure The following information was sent to us after our request for some extra information regarding the hot water failures between 16th and 22nd August 2013.

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Date: 02 September 2013 at 14:45
Subject: RE: curnock street – boiler house upgrade

Dear Resident,

Regarding your email on the reasons for loss of hot water to the estate.

On Friday 16th of August at approximately 16.15, Apollo were informed of low hot water temperatures being reported at Curnock Street Estate. On investigating the failure they were able to establish that this was down to the hot water Plates exchanger needing to be de-scaled.

Apollo put in place actions to restore the hot water, however this was hindered and delayed due to the volume of scale that had built up and therefore calling for the plates to be fully strip / replaced.

To enhance the turnaround, Apollo also hired temporary plates whilst the necessary descales took place to ensure the delivery of service was then maintained.

Since this incident, Apollo has increased the level of labour available to the LBC contract which is closely being monitored regarding emergency response and level of service.

The first of the plates has been now been replaced and the remaining 2 plates are expected to be replaced by Wednesday.

Please find letter delivered to all residents on 19/08/13.

Again I would like to apologies for the loss of hot water, please do not hesitate to call me, if you require any additional information.

Kind regards

John Stow
Mechanical services manager

Telephone: 020 7974 2046

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  1. It seems that the new boilers and new equipment were not enough for having a reliable service.

    What was the point of spending £2.5m for new pipe-works and £500k for boilers if we still have to pay Apollo a fortune for extra labour cost?

    The scale problem was one of the reasons for the previous huge failures and it seems that this problem has not be resolved by the latest improvements/works.