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Shame to Camden Council

UPDATE 06th September 2019 @ 09:05am

The supervisor caretaker visited the site for inspection and his collegue was told off by they Veolia guy for throwing a used car tyre inside the bins.









UPDATE 06th September 2019 @ 00:57am






UPDATE 06th September 2019 @ 00:42am







UPDATE 05th September 2019 @ 18:05am






UPDATE 05th September 2019 @ 13:00am











UPDATE 05th September 2019 @ 12:00am

Still outstanding jobs to be done.










UPDATE 05th September 2019 @ 11:00am

The estate as it should be.














UPDATE 05th September 2019 @ 09:30am

Partial cleaning in progress in front of the Mexborough.









UPDATE 05th September 2019 @ 09:20am

Partial cleaning is underway but only for rubbish near the container!! The part of the sofa that is located only a few yards away is left untouched. Probably as a souvenir so we can remember the really bad days.








UPDATE 05th September 2019 @ 08:00am

More rubbish on the estate already, helping the ASB to get worse. Someone had disposed a sofa near the container and the drug users used part of it for their comfort.






Shame to Camden Council for allowing this appalling situation to continue for months leaving the residents in an unhealthy and unsafe environment. Broken mirrors, human faeces / shit, mattresses used by drug addicts, used toilet paper , etc

Certain areas are so dangerous for kids because of broken windows, shit and other litter. The litter behind Barnborough is there for months.


  1. Did you know that those new state of the art bins cost thousands of pounds yes you herd me thousands of pounds they were either just under £40.000 or just under £30.000.
    ……….. thought Camden had more sence then to waste money or something that clearly is not working? You might as well left the green bins there and put the money towards gating off the estate ?
    We live in Barnbrough next to the container which houses drug addicts and some where the dealers go to deal for FREE. There is human faeces and drug paraphernalia holes in the ground for rats to jump in and out of. The poor people who have recently been housed in the disability flats in the Marr must be thinking why on earth did we move in here life was supposed to be betterfor them not worse. As like us and many others we are sick to death of putting up with all the shenanigans goings on on our estate. If like us you leave for work at 1.30am you will often see the security which we all pay for parked up asleep in the car opposite St Pancras community centre?….

    • The black fixed in to the floor bins outside Billingley

    • The bins were introduced by the Curnock Street TRA in order to reduce the problem with the rubbish. Unfortunately, Veolia does not lock the doors as they should be, they have not emptied the recycling bins and as a result they bins are overflown with rubbish. Camden Council also does not penalise businesses or residents that do not dispose rubbish properly which has as a consequence this non satisfactory situation.

  2. A positive comment regarding estate cleaning
    Ed the guy who sweeps up on the estate is Brilliant at the job he does
    Maybe he can be a caretaker for our estate ?

  3. This morning Goldthorpe bins had been gone through and I could clearly see people’s personal bills and hand written letters all over the floor ?