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Can council take action?

Camden Council advertises that if they give penalties to whoever drops litter on the streets! However for people who open the rubbish bin bags on our estate (which is council’s property) and throw everything on the pavements, receive no penalties and there are NO consequences.

Can the council take some action to stop those people from opening the bin bags?







Only yesterday, a few hours after the estate was cleaned, the homeless and drug users opened all the bags and created such a chaos.

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  1. Regarding issues with large bulky rubbish being dumped on estate ie sofas, white goods etc. Why do we not put a gated cage like they have in Mayford Oakley square estate which residents who wish to use can pay for a key to dispose of tidy which can be collected by recycling companies? This could be situated near Barnbroug where the green container is.
    Any residents who need help with items removed from their home to the cage who can not remove themselves can ask for caretakers assistance.
    This actually works in Mayford.