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UPDATED: Total Darkness in many areas

For 10 months now, we are trying to repair the numerous communal lights that are out of order. We report the faults, we receive a reference number and nothing happens. We have meetings, telephone calls with the council and still nothing happens.

Today half of Goldthorpe building is in darkness on top of all the previous unsolved repairs.

Play area Trimdon
Play ground area behind Ravenscar
Area between Thurnscoe and Connisborough










2021-08-09 Andrew Wilson has informed us that:

” I have just spoken to Openview, they are fitting new lights in the play area, these were water damaged and not working for that reason, there are two Openview engineers onsite at the moment, there is an issue with the power supply to Connisborough, apparently there is no supply to the external lighting around the block as there is a break in the cable somewhere below the building, so a new cable needs to be fitted, unfortunately this is not a quick fix and involves digging up the pathway and renewing. Hopefully with the exception of ¬†Connisborough the rest should be resolved quite quickly over this week.”

2021-08-10 Andrew Wilson has informed us that:

They managed to find where the “intake” for the light is and they will speak with Peter the caretaker.


  1. I have reported those lights many times but nothing happened. Yesterday, I wrote to Councillors, the Mayor of Camden and Sir Keir Starmer MP. I hope they repair the lights within our lifetime.

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