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Compensation For Loss of Heating & Hot Water

You can now claim more compensation for loss of heating and hot water – and it’s easier to claim

If you pay for your heating and hot water with your rent or service charge and have a loss in service, after five days you can claim compensation. This year we have increased the amount we pay for compensation and made it easier for you to claim.

Making a compensation claim

If you are a tenant and your heating, hot water or both have been off for more than five days, call repairs on 020 7974 4444 (option 3 then 1) or visit to claim your compensation.

If you are a leaseholder, contact leaseholder services at or on 020 7974 3559.

Your compensation will then be paid into your rent account if you’re a tenant, or against your service charge if you’re a leaseholder.

Get a refund

As well as compensation, if you are a tenant without a heat meter and you don’t have heating and/or hot water for more than three days, you can also claim a refund for your heat charge – use the details above to claim your refund which will be paid into your rent account.

If you are a leaseholder or a tenant with a heat meter, you don’t need to claim a refund because any loss of service will automatically be included in your annual statement.





The above is taken from the Camden Council’s Housing News Autumn 2021