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Loss of Heating – UPDATED

The heating and the hot water services were not functional since Sunday 26th December 2021. GEM has managed to restore the hot water on the 28th December 2021 and the heating service on Friday 31st December 2021 to all blocks.

Apparently there were major leaks (3 or 4) on the pipes and a blockage on the downstream cold feed inside the boiler room that has affected the service.  There was also a problem with a valve located on the manhole between The Marr and Goldthorpe.

After another leak on the 02nd January 2022 in front of Hickleton the heating service was down for half a day. GEM fixed the leak overnight and restored the service to this block on 03rd January 2022 at 08:08am. You will need to call Camden Council’s repair team on 0207 974 4444 (option 2) if your radiators need bleeding.

Below you can find all the updates in chronological order.

Please check on the following link to find out if you are entitled in compensation for loss of service:

UPDATE 1  – 28th December 2021 @ 19:51

On 28/12/2021 19:51 John Stow wrote:

Evening  Gavin,

Just to bring you up to date on heating outage on the Curnock estate to the following blocks.

BLOCK – Barnborough, 1-22 (cons)
BLOCK – Billingley, 1-18 (cons)
BLOCK – Darfield, 1-18 (cons)
BLOCK – Goldthorpe, 1-34 (cons)
BLOCK – Hickleton, 1-20 (cons)
BLOCK – Marr, 1-10
BLOCK – Mexborough, 1-66 (cons)
BLOCK – Ravenscar, 1-18 (cons)
BLOCK – Thurnscoe, 1-18 (cons)
BLOCK – Trimdon, 1-32 (cons)
BLOCK – Warmsworth, 1-18 (cons)
BLOCK – Conisbrough, 1-9 (cons)

The cause of the heating failure is due to a leak on the system and a of course a loss of pressure on the heating mains.

Gem have a team of engineers on site who have now locate a leak which is effected the heating to the above properties and are currently working on the repair so as to restore the service as ASAP. We have also arranged for temporarily heaters to be issued the residents on the estate.

Gem will be working throughout to restore the service and will also shortly start delivering the attached letter.

Please also note the hot water has remained fully working and meeting the hot water demand from the estate.

I’m hopeful in having the service restored this evening and whereby once satisfied the service is meeting the demand, we will closely monitor the service over the next 48 hours.

Please also note that M Capper, M Killeen and Keith Harris at Gem are all working meticulously on this and will be keeping our residents updated as the progress is made.

Updates to follow.


John Stow
M&E Operations Manager
Property Management
Supporting Communities
London Borough of Camden
1st floor
79 Holmes Road
London NW5 3AP


UPDATE 2 – 28th December 2021 @ 22:23

On 28/12/2021 22:23 Michael Capper wrote:
Gem have informed me that the leak has been identified and they expect to restore services within the next 3-4 hours.
They will follow up tomorrow to pick up any outstanding issues.
Letters have been dropped.
I’ll update with new information as I get it.
Thank you

UPDATE 3 – 29th December 2021 @09:00


Residents in Billingley are reporting that the radiators are really hot now.

Goldthorpe and some other blocks are still without heating.

UPDATE 4 – 29th December 2021 @18:27

———- Original Message ———-
From: Steve Hall

Date: 29/12/2021 18:27

Subject: RE: Cumnock Est heating update

Good evening

We have an engineer currently on site and can attend as soon as we have the address effected.

The boiler plant is currently operational so this could a localised problem

Kind regards


UPDATE 5 – 29th December 2021 @18:49

———- Original Message ———-
From: Deividas Sirvys
Date: 29/12/2021 18:49
Subject: Re: Cumnock Est heating update
Good evening,
I have just spoken with Steve Hall and GEM have engineers on site monitoring but reporting no issues in the Plantroom, if I could have the address of the affected property please we will door knock and visit to check.
Thank you

UPDATE 6 – 29th December 2021 @ 19:00

Residents in Goldthorpe, Barnborough and Billingley are reporting problems with the heating.

UPDATE 7 – 30th December 2021 @ 10:00

An online meeting will take place with GEM and Camden Council. More soon..


UPDATE 8 – 30th December 2021 @ 12:42

Michael Capper , Mechanical Manager, informed us that:

We’re sorry for the problems with your heating and hot water systems, and we are working as fast as we can to get your heating and hot water working again.

To do the repair work, we have had to switch off the heating and hot water to the estate. We understand how disruptive this is and we are working hard to switch this back on later today, and our engineers will continue to work on it until it’s fully repaired.

To make sure you can stay safe and warm, we have been offering fan heaters to you and your neighbours. If you have not been offered a fan heater, or if you need any other support while your heating and hot water is being fixed, please phone our repairs helpdesk on 020 7974 4444.

When we’re ready to switch the system back on, we’ll need access to each home so that we can take the air out of the radiators. This will make sure your radiators work properly once the heating is turned back on.

UPDATE 9 – 30th December 2021 @ 12:42

Camden Council has sent the following letter to the residents of Barnbrough:

Dear Resident,

1-22 Barnbrough heating and hot water

I am writing with an update on the work to repair your heating and hot water.

We have found a second leak on the pipes and working hard to fix this. To do this work we have had to switch off the service to the entire block and we won’t be able to turn it back on today.

We understand how disruptive this is and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We can’t give you an exact time when we will be able to turn your heating and hot water back on, but we will contact you again as soon as we have more information.

When we’re ready to switch the system back on, we’ll need access to each home so that we can take the air out of the radiators. This will make sure your radiators work properly once the heating is turned back on.

To make sure you can stay safe and warm, we have been offering fan heaters to you and your neighbours. If you have not been offered a fan heater, or if you need any other support while your heating and hot water is being fixed, please phone our repairs helpdesk on 020 7974 4444.

Thank you for your patience while we work to restore your heating and hot water.

Kind regards

Michael Capper

Mechanical Manager

Property Management

London Borough of Camden

UPDATE 10 – 30th December 2021 @ 14:30

Outside Flat 1 Hickleton. Heating pipe burst due to high water pressure.

UPDATE 11 – 30th December 2021 @ 15:30

[15:29, 30/12/2021] UPDATE:

  1. There are two leaks. One outside Flat 1 Hickleton and another one outside Flat 3 Barnbrough.
  2. There is a problem with a valve outside The Marr. Steam is coming out.
  3. 4 blocks are affected: Hickleton, Barnbrough, Warmsworth and The Marr
  4. Service to the other blocks will be restored today and GEM engineers (7 of them) will go to every flat trying to bleed all the radiators
  5. There is also two more leaks on the back of Warmsworth and Barnbrough which I think they linked to the one in front of Flat 3 Barnbrough
  6. All the above blocks (Hickleton, Barnbrough, Warmsworth and The Marr) are in Zone 2 which will stay OFF until they fix the problem.
  7. One GEM team is digging the ground to find the valves and pipes to repair and the other is visiting flats.
  8. The council is trying to make a plan in case the problem is not fixed by tomorrow
  9. Some people will be away and they cannot continue to work 24/7 for obvious reasons
  10. We are waiting for more information later.

UPDATE 12 – 30th December 2021 @ 17:01

Hi Gavin,  further leaks on the heating last night and today have meant that we have not been able to restore the heating fully.  We have worked closely with Curnock TRA to keep residents informed.

Leaks have been identified at 1-22  Barnbrough, 1-20 Hickleton, 1-10 Marr and 1-18 Warmsworth and have been isolated from the rest of Curnock whilst we carry out repairs.

A second team is visiting residents to remove any air within the radiators at:  Billingley, Darfield, Goldthorpe, Mexborough, Ravenscar, Thurnscoe, Trimdon and Conisbrough.

Thank you.

Michael Capper
Mechanical Manager

UPDATE 13 – 30th December 2021 @ 19:07

From: Steve Hall
Sent: 30 December 2021 19:07

Good evening

Our engineers have been through all accessible flats in Billingley, Mexbourgh, Ravenscar, Thurnscoe, Trimdon and Coinsbourgh removing air in order to restore service.

There are several addresses that we could not gain access, but we have made notes of these and will return tomorrow morning to try again or deal with these as they get reported to the call centre.

The leaks outside Barnbrough and Hickleton have been located and exposed, and repairs will be made tomorrow morning. We have also found a leak outside The Marr and the dig team will be exposing this tomorrow also.

We have issued letter to the isolated blocks explaining the situation and we have an engineer currently on site knocking on doors to ensure everybody has heaters issued.

We are hoping that once the repairs are made tomorrow, we will be able to restore service to the rest of the blocks.

We will also be carrying out plant checks throughout the night to ensure no more of loss of service occurs.

Kind regards


UPDATE 14 – 31st December 2021 @ 10:30

  1. Hickleton leak in front of Flat 1 has been repaired.
  2. Barnbrough is in progress (engineers went to buy the necessary parts). When the leak in Barnbrough is fixed they will try to repair the problem in The Marr.
  3. The manhole in front of the Marr has some new and old pipes. Steam is coming out of the valve. They will need to check that plus the manhole inside the building.
  4. Hopefully the system will be back online for everyone later today but there are some uncertainties
  5. The manholes between Goldthorpe and Warmsworth were full of water ( I have seen the photos) and they was a dead squirrel in there.
  6. The manholes will be drained and checked. Warmsworth is a big unknown at the moment due to the water on the manholes. When the system is back they will check to see if there are any further leaks.
  7. Engineers will be out during the weekend trying to bleed radiators around the estate
  8. If they cannot access your property by next week please call the repairs team to report it. But please wait for the next few days before you call
  9. We will be in another meeting with the council and GEM at 14:00 so there will be another update then

UPDATE 15 – 31st December 2021 @ 14:20

Good news. Service has been restored to all blocks.

The engineers are monitoring the service for the next few hours in case something changes.

GEM engineers will also go around the buildings in the next couple of days trying to bleed the radiators to as many flats as possible. If this does not happen and nobody comes to your door but you need someone to bleed your radiators please call the repairs team.


UPDATE 16 – 02nd January 2022 @ 16:30

Residents in Barnbrough are reporting that heating was not restored in their flats. We asked them to call the repairs team. We have also reported to the council and GEM.


UPDATE 17 – 02nd January 2022 @ 19:20

Residents in Hickleton have reported another leak outside one of the flats. They have informed the repairs team and the issue has been escalated to GEM and the council.






UPDATE 18 – 02nd January 2022 @ 22:30

We have received the following update from the council:

GEM have isolated Hickleton and re-instated the rest of the estate. GEM have a dig team ready to excavate the area and will attempt to completed the repair tonight.


Michael Hunt
Gas Technical Officer







UPDATE 19 – 02nd January 2022 @ 23:41

We have received the following update:

Dear All

GEM remain onsite attempting to complete repairs to the damaged pipework. Should a repair not be possible tonight GEM will be onsite tomorrow morning to complete the works.

I understand from previous repairs undertaken last week all properties have been provided with Temp heaters.


Michael Hunt
Gas Technical Officer

UPDATE 20 – 03rd January 2022 @ 08:08

We have received the following update:

Morning all

Long night but Hickleton and the whole estate is all back on and up to temperature
Thanks and regards
Patrick Watts



    • Please see updates above. Hopefully full service will be resotred in the next few hours.

  2. 4.10 pm just had a knock on my door GEM saying that we got a few people in the boiler room working on it now and gave us a small heater ( We are grateful for the information)

  3. Goldthorpe radiators are still cold. However, GEM engineers are still on site working on the boiler room.




    • We have reported that to the council and we are waiting for a further update.

    • The secondary leak is on the Barnborough pipe and they will switch off heating to that block until the leak is fixed. There might be implications if there is asbestos on the pipes. Barnborough will receive a letter. More soon.

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