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Veolia’s Incompetence

Veolia’s lies and incompetence reached new levels today. They emptied the Goldthorpe waste bins at 07:34am from Pratt Street against Gary Borg’s and Veolia health and safety rules. They done it very easily and on the way out they left the recycling bin on the pavement (Pratt Street). Endless meetings, endless time has been wasted and Veolia still does as it pleases.

Good Friday 15th April 2022 @ 09:35am

We have reported that online:

“Thanks for your Bin Not Returned Correctly feedback. If you need to follow up, please use the reference number 11643576.”

Thanks for your Crew Behaviour feedback. If you need to follow up, please use the reference number 11643652.

See below how the Veolia’s crew emptied the Goldthorpe’s bins today. They used the route that according to Veolia and the council, can create injuries to the crew. So Veolia’s crew broke the regulations and their own procedures AGAIN.

Bins are full since Veolia missed the last collection (Wed 13th April 2022)

Veolia’s argument is that they have to use our gates because the bins are overweight. Today the bins were full since Veolia missed the last collection on the 13th April 2022. However, the new Veolia crew miraculously managed to pull the bins easily without injuring themselves and against all the Veolia’s procedures and council’s regulations! Either they make us favours or they do as they please.

See more photos below:

Collection on 15th April 2022
Returning some of the bins back.

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