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Another Waste of Public Money

Yesterday, a Camden Council contractor has visited the estate and especially the area between The Marr and Goldthorpe. He spent all day yesterday and a few hours today to repair the bricks on the planters. See photos below:





The problem is that those bricks will have to be removed in a couple of weeks in order to do the ASB measures that the council has already agreed to do. So why they have repaired something that will be destroyed again in a few days?

The same has happened a few weeks ago with the other planters. Read more at:

On the 31st May 2022 @15:00 we received this reply from the council:

Dear Resident,

Hope you are well

The brickwork was repaired to negate any safety issues arising, and our continued effort to maintain the estate.

As you are aware I met with our contractors today to provide Quotes

For the planter improvements.

Once these Quotes are received and are acceptable, we will action the works.

And I will update you as we progress,

Kind regards

Repairs & Operations Supervisor

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