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Inappropriate use of our bins

On Saturday, someone abused all three bins in front of Billingley by disposing of all their belongings into them and making them full. The bins are for the whole building and not for one household. This happened between early afternoon and later at 5:45 and 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. Then someone else opened some of the bags and the items left for upcycling near the bins, and there was chaos.

Big carton boxes have to be flatted and then disposed of in the recycling bin. Not as one huge box inside the bins. This fills the bins and results in overflows.

Please report any misuse of our bins to the Camden Council or to us by completing this form, and we will take action.

Situations after the event. Things have been left near the recycling bins for upcycling. Please do not leave things outside the bins.
Our Curnock Street TRA volunteers have cleaned the area but the situation is not acceptable.

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