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Veolia keeps gates unlocked

28th October 2020
28th October 2020 – Veolia left gates open for days putting residents’ safety in jeopardy.

Veolia’s loaders are keeping the gates unlocked between Barnbrough and Goldthorpe every time they visit the estate for their job. This is happening twice every week for the last few months because the loaders do not want to lock the gates and then walk towards Pratt Street turn to Camden Street and meet their colleagues between The Marr and Goldthorpe. It is simply laziness.

Obviously this situation is not acceptable for many reasons: Firstly it makes our estate insecure and allows ASB inside the estate and on our doorstep. Secondly, ASB activities create damages which leads to expenses for the residents via their rents or service charges.

The area between Barnbrough and Goldthorpe was used for ASB for many years and it took 7 years for the residents to raised the money via the DMC and have those gates installed (17th February 2020). Also residents have suffered enough from that ASB activities and it is not right to put them through this horrendous experience again.

Curnock Street TRA’s petition for security and a perimeter fencing shows clearly that residents DO care about their safety and well being. Unfortunately Veolia does not seem to share the same concerns as our residents and continues to ignore us.

19th January 2020
19th January 2020 – Temporary Fence

Both residents as well as the Curnock Street TRA have complained to the council as well as Veolia but nothing has changed.

In case, Veolia wants to check what was going on before the gates were installed then they can look at this link: ASB before Gates. Many activities were taking place: Drug dealing and usage, drug paraphernalia, illegal parking, stolen cars, flytips, public disorder, graffiti,  etc

Click on the photo located on the left to see the full glory of an ASB and what residents had to go through before the gates were installed.

Is it right for Veolia to put us back to those challenges simply because the Veolia’s loaders do not want to lock the gates?

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  1. I have complained many times to the council but nothing happened. It is disgraceful that Veolia is allowed to do that without any consequences.