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Award Winning Failures & Rent Increases

The Camden Council must surely be No. 1 globally in building failures and one of the few that wastes public money without shame or apologies. Instead of that, they are boasting that they are great. The Community Investment Programme is an excellent example of pure propaganda and marketing to cover the council’s failures.

At the same time, “Despite vote for freeze, Town Hall hits tenants with rent rise.

The award-winning estates they built in the last few years are total failures, at least on the energy front. Agar Grove and the new buildings on Hampstead Road have temporary boilers because the NEW boilers have failed miserably. How much money does the council waste on those temporary boilers?








See the council’s propaganda at the following links:


Under the Freedom of Information Act (case reference is CAM6873), we have requested the following:

The council wastes public money on temporary boilers in the Agar Grove estate and the Lindale building on Hampstead Road. I want to know the following:

1. How much does it cost to rent one of those boilers?

Agar Grove £934.49per week + some contractual costs for boilers up to 250kw
Lindale £1,202.47 per week + contractual costs for boilers over 500kw

This is dependent on type and supplier so can change from site to site and availability during the

2. How much has the council spent so far on those boilers?

Agar Grove – £3,737.96
Lindale – £6,407.84

3. What were the reasons for the failures regarding the original heating systems in Agar Grove and Lindale?

Agar Grove – electrical fault blew the Printed Circuit Boards.
Lindale – flooding from above caused flooding to boilers.

4. How old are the original heating systems in those buildings?

Agar Grove – July 2021
Lindale – 2018

5. How many flats have been affected?

Agar Grove – 57
Lindale – 32

6. How long do you intend to keep those boilers for?

Agar Grove 3 weeks
Lindale 2 months


Agar Grove 3 weeks * £934.49 = £2803.47 + some contractual costs for boilers up to 250kw
Lindale 2 months (9 weeks approx) * £1,202.47  = £10,822.23 + contractual costs for boilers over 500kw

GRAND TOTAL: £13,625.70 plus contractual costs for boilers



The full response from the council can be found here: