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Fly tipping & Gates left open by GEM

Yesterday evening and earlier this morning, GEM contractors visited the estate for repairs. When they left, they did not lock the communal gate on Camden Street and also left their bag of rubbish and food in the communal areas.

There is still NO communication from the GEM contractors or Camden regarding this problem but on the positive side Cllr Edmund Frondigun has sent the following email:

Good morning all

Just catching up on emails. Could someone please explain ASAP when hot water will be turned back on to the Curnock Estate?

This is a long running issue, and the lack of communication on this point does not fill anyone with confidence. Given this where there are issues with the hot water our communications re Repairs and contingency must be MUCH quicker and clearer.

The weather has taken a cold turn as of late and is plainly unacceptable. Please could you advise that works will be carried out ASAP.



We sent the following email to Camden Council:

Dear John Stow, Garry Malcom and Dean Hall,


Could you please raise an official complain against the employee of GEM who came yesterday evening and


  1. Left the gates open (Camden Street Entrance) and
  2. Fly tipped his rubbish on the communal area?


The GEM Van number plates are: SC2I HPO


Could you please also issue a penalty for Fly tipping on our estate?


The estate CCTV cameras will have the event at 04:26 am but I also have my own clear high definition video if necessary.


Two visits from GEM yesterday and still no hot water.


Kind Regards,

Chair – Curnock Street TRA

GEM and Council immediately replied:

Keith Harris wrote:

Good morning, can you forward the video to me please because that is totally unacceptable behaviour GEM will pay any fine issued and I will be doing an internal full disciplinary procedure.

Keith Harris

Managing director

Gemebs ltd

John Brooks from Council stated:

Thank you for your E-mail please send your video to myself, John Stow or Michael Capper.


We will share it with our contractor and work closely with them to investigate this incident.


I will also get back to you today with an update regarding the hot water service to the estate and how Camden intend to manage this throughout the weekend.


Thank you


John Brooks
Mechanical Manager
Supporting Communities
London Borough of Camden


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