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No Hot Water For Many Days

For the last 8 days (since Thu 22nd, Feb 2024), the whole estate has been experiencing a loss of hot water. In the best situation, the water is lukewarm and unsuitable for bathing or washing dishes. Many residents have called the council and GEM contractors and complained, but nothing has happened.

Emails to local councillors about those issues and our previous petition are left unanswered without any response to us or reason for not supporting the local residents in writing or via our petitions.

The cost of the heating and hot water services is huge, but at the same time, we do not receive the service that we pay for.

Please do the following actions if you feel that you do not receive the required service:

  1. Submit a complaint to the council at
  2. Use this form to complain about the councillors: Complain Form for Councillors
  3. Call the council’s repairs team:
  4. Contact GEM directly on 020 8985 0409
  5. Raise the issue with your Housing Officer, Mr Garry Malcomm


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